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agprov's Journal

27 August 1962
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I'm sure I can come back later and do this.

OK then. British. male. fifty and feeling it, cohabiting. Looked up my old school, but only five entries, and all way after my time, so no point adding it!

A horrible thought occurs - am I the oldest person here? I'm fifty- this makes me unbeleivably ancient and a complete fucking dinosaur compared to most people here.

Aug 2012: Utterly pissed off as am currently excluded from Facebook and do not know the reason why. Suspicion of the malice (or fear) of others. God, that sounds paranoid. But the timing is right: I PM'd a couple of people on FB, with whom I had a bad falling out in my last year at UEA Norwich, and said "let's end this. I'm sorry. Can we talk?" Two days later, I am "disabled" (read: excluded) from Facebook for violating the terms and conditions. If what I suspect is right - how unbelievably petty.

Stckport School, Glyndwr University (formerly NEWI Wrecsam), UEA Norwich.

Satire and satirical writing.