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29 August 2012 @ 06:25 pm
They say no good deed goes unpunished  
Still blanked from Facebook. You only realise how much of your life is organised online when you lose access to it - feeling definite withdrawal symptoms.

I hope this is a mistake or  a mechanical malfunction, that I triggered some automatic mechanism that tripped a switch and logged me out.  If it is the alternative - and I do recall that the two people involved once  stitched me up by putting a complaint in to university management,  rather than talk to me as they could so easily have done.  So to complain direct to Facebook and invoke "bullying" and "online harrasment"   rather than do as Facebook itself reccomends, which would have been to send me a private message effectively asking me to cease and desist, which I would have done - I assured them as much - they go straight to authority and put in a charge.  It's of a piece with what happened before way back then. Maybe I was a fool to try and mend  an old argument and should have left well enough alone, I don't know...

Heh. Thinking that we were both drawn to the same Fortean interest group on FB....at least after 24 years, ex-GF and I still share some of the same interests, evidently! (It's her birthday within the next week or two, anyway. I remember that clearly.)

You'll never know the hurt I suffered,
Nor the pain I rise above,
And I'll never know the same about you,
Your holiness or your kind of love -
And it makes me feel so sorry.
Idiot wind, blowing through the buttons of our coats;
Blowing through the letters that we wrote;
Idiot wind, blowing through the dust upon our shelves;
We're all idiots, babe -
It's a wonder we can even feed ourselves!
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